Leashes And Harnesses For Guinea Pigs

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Leashes And Harnesses For Guinea Pigs

Types of Leashes

Collar for guinea pigs like a dog can’t be used categorically. In these animals, the neck is not much different from the head and body. Therefore, if you do the same, then squeeze your head out of it. Tightening them tightly can strangle the animal.

For walking the pet should use special harnesses. They exist in three types:

  • with a jumper on the back;
  • "Eight";
  • harness vest.

Important! Before using the devices, the animal should be accustomed to it. To do this, you need to return home briefly.

You can use the animal in the grass. In no case should you drag the animal with you, using force. In guinea pigs, the spine is not as mobile as in cats, dogs or rats. If you use force, you can easily injure your pet. A fracture of the spine threatens the animal with death.

How to make a lead for a guinea pig with your own hands

It is not difficult to make such a device from strips or belts. Most suitable for the animal.

Harness for a guinea pig with a jumper on the back of the straps

Before starting work, measurements are taken of the volume of the neck and chest of the animal.

Then the materials are prepared:

  • strips of dense fabric, straps or material for the manufacture of bag handles (you can use the shoulders of old school bags);
  • belt buckle with a fixing volume pin;

This type of buckle is needed for making a harness

  • metal half ring;
  • carbine;
  • leash;
  • thick sewing needle;
  • strong threads.
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    The buckle can be replaced with a fastex fastener. These are used in jackets.

    Then the volume will be fixed – it cannot be killed or added. But putting on the harness will be easier and faster.

    Now proceed to direct manufacturing. The step-by-step process looks like this:

    1. Strips of fabric or belt 4-5 cm high.
    2. At first they make yarn.
    3. At the second end, they can decrease or increase the volume.
    4. With the help of the described algorithm, looming around longer strips – it is put on near the armpits.
    5. Both parts are connected by a piece of belt or dense fabric on the back.
    6. At the junction of the front and jumpers, a half ring is fixed.
    7. Put a carbine on it.
    8. Sew the lead for the guinea pig to the carabiner.

    Harness with a jumper with a wide second strip

    The manufacturing algorithm of such a device is identical to that described. The only difference is that a wide strip of fabric is pulled through the armpits. The fastener is made out using buttons or using a “zipper”.

    Such a device is more convenient to use, less traumatic. But it is impossible to regulate the volume here. This will need to be changed to a larger one.

    Do-it-yourself harness for guinea pig in the form of "eight"

    In accordance with this device, crossing on the chest and fixing on the back, they cannot stick their legs under them or slip out.

    Important! Proper volume adjustment will save the pet from troubles. It is necessary to make sure that they are too long, but do not allow the animal to jump out.

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    Before work, take measurements in this way:

    1. Apply a centimeter tape to the chest at the level of the front legs of the animal strictly in the middle.
    2. Pass it through the armpit.
    3. Remove the tape to the middle of the back.
    4. Throw her over the same shoulder.
    5. A centimeter tape is brought to the starting point.

    The number of centimeters will be equivalent to that necessary for cutting the measurements.

    Master Class.

    1. Measure the strip with a stock allowance of 4-5 cm.
    2. A buckle is attached to one end, a hole is made at the other.
    3. Fasten the strap.
    4. So that the center of the "eight" is stuck on his stomach.

    Leashes And Harnesses For Guinea Pigs

    Thus, the harness “eight” looks like on a guinea pig
    After trying on the back, make a jumper with a half ring or immediately sewn a half ring.

    Leashes And Harnesses For Guinea Pigs

    G-string "eight" for guinea pig

    How to make a harness vest at home

    This is the most convenient and safe option. But here the master will need a tailor’s skill.

    1. First, you need to sew a denim vest from a dense fabric. A half ring for a carbine with a leash is sewn to it.

    Leashes And Harnesses For Guinea Pigs

    The harness vest is the most convenient model for walking a guinea pig
    Cut out a piece of dense fabric with allowances for seams.

    Leashes And Harnesses For Guinea Pigs

    Pattern for harness vest

  • Edges uses an oblique edging.
  • Fasteners are fastened in pairs to the ends of the speakers. You can use belt buckles, fastex fasteners, buttons.
  • Since the spine during transition to the cervical region in guinea pigs is most vulnerable to injury. It is best to place a carbine in the lower residential area.
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    When assembled, the vest looks like this.

    Leashes And Harnesses For Guinea Pigs

    Harness-vest for guinea pig

    Harness vest from an old sleeve

    Can be used as a living sleeve for an old sweater. A segment of the opening for the forepaws, the machined edge, so as not to frizz. The possessing hook can be tied with half-columns.

    To begin with, we measure the girth of the neck and chest of the animal. Add a few centimeters to the resulting amount. Sew the clasp to one edge of the fabric. The material may be associated with tension. After this sewn second trident.

    What we got should be connected with a "jumper". Next, you need to drive and sew the edges around the matter, pre-attaching a half ring to it. His largest cell should have long cells from the woman he loves.

    Now you need to prepare a lead for guinea pigs with your own hands. An impromptu loop will be made for fixation in the hand. This is a carefully sewn carbine, passing its edge through the loop. Then we fix the carbine to the half ring and everything is ready.

    In order for the first walk to be successful, check out the rules outlined in our article “How to Walk a Guinea Pig on the Street”.