Rex Royal Guinea Pig

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Guinea pig Rex is one of the most famous breeds bred by English breeders. It is first mentioned that in the early 1970s they were officially recognized by the DIA. Royal guinea pigs because of their large and rather uncharacteristic sizes for these animals. Also, the Rex breed is distinguished by its lush hair.

Description of the Royal Guinea Pig

Rex Royal Guinea Pig

Rex pigs are quite strong, have good muscle tone and a wide skeleton. These pets have good posture, small shiny eyes, small but even paws.

Guinea pigs have an unusual shape, have sufficient roundness and are longer than other breeds. Very often, newborn pets have different shapes, which can be both pointed and slightly sticking out. However, guinea pigs take on the desired shape.

Rexes come in different colors. Most often, monochromatic colors and agouti are found, which differ from only the presence of color around the eyes and a certain gradation of tone. There are also colors such as “original” and a combination of any of the above with agouti.

Rex have a peaceful character. They are quite calm, easily contact, quickly tamed. The presence of special wheels for pets in the cage is very important.

Rex live, from about 4 to 6-8 years, depending on the care, nutrition and functioning of the body.

Features of Royal Guinea Pig

Rex Royal Guinea Pig

Rex have certain distinctive features, such as:

  1. Lush, plentiful and rather dense coat. Usually the length of each hair is in the range of 2-4 cm. Royal guinea pigs in the coat have no residual hairs responsible for a certain stiffness of the coat and its “combing”. This determines the appearance of the breed, which has a density and volume, characteristic dullness and disobedience. Responsibility for the recessive gene in royal guinea pig DNA.
  2. As noted earlier, in comparison with relatives. As a rule, the length of the body can reach 30-35 cm. True, this happens quite rarely. The growth of their body stops only on the achievements of two-year-old pigs, sometimes, with some failures and three years of age.
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Royal Guinea Pig Care

Responsibilities for keeping pigs in the diet are not only twice a week, but also special vitamins. Unlike the Kindred, it is very important that it is contained in the body of royal guinea pigs.

Like vegetables, fruits, cereals. Nevertheless, it is better not to give such a treat more than once a week. Food should be washed and divided into small parts. Rex needs to be fed 2 times a day in small portions. Be sure to have water in the cell.

Guinea pigs do not like swimming, so it is recommended to subject them to water procedures only in rare cases. Like cats, it is advisable to use a special dry shampoo. We also need to periodically check what kind of calculations.

Hay in the cell should be changed 2-3 times a week or more often. It should be dry, but not scratchy and not harsh. If you harvest it yourself, you can put it in your hands.

The cage must play and move actively. Cells with wooden rods that, when trying to grind their teeth, will not affect their health. Such “runs” remain important for them.

How to choose a royal guinea pig

The best age to buy is from 30 to 40 days of their life. It is worth a closer look at the wool. If you have bald spots, you can check with the seller what caused this. Pay attention to the eyes; they should not be excessively small or watery.


Royal guinea pigs reach the age of puberty by 5-8 months. Therefore, do not wait for quick results. Young females are hatched for about 2 months. As a rule, up to 100 g.