Skinny Guinea Pig – Photo And Description Of The Breed

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Skinny Guinea Pig - Photo And Description Of The Breed

Skinny Guinea Pig - Photo And Description Of The Breed

Skinny pig. a truly unique breed of guinea pigs that earned widespread fame during the 2000s. Today, these same pigs have become one of the most popular around the world.

One of the main myths about this breed. translates as skin and bones. Everything is good. Small pigs may be completely hairless.

It is worth noting that there are two breeds of hairless guinea pigs. it’s a skinny and a baldwin. Candles are more than aogenogenetically different from the skin, they are born completely covered with hair, but as they grow older they completely disappear (the process of baldness begins already on the 5th day after birth). Therefore baldwin. really completely hairless guinea pigs.

Mumps usually have very smooth skin. For obvious reasons, some people think that they have visible ribs and bones protruding from under their skin. This is also not true if the mumps is healthy. The skin should be full, perhaps even a little chubby, unlike other breeds.

In general, the difference between the skin and other breeds of guinea pigs is only their appearance. Other characteristics. character, disposition, intellectual abilities and behavior are quite similar.

Skinny Guinea Pig - Photo And Description Of The Breed


The breed was relatively new, although it was bred back in 1978. Canadian scientists in Montreal. The genetic mutation that determined the occurrence of the breed occurred in the laboratory, where it was identified. Scientists tried to create this new and strange breed? The answer is quite simple: for experimentation and research.

The fact is that guinea pigs often act as test animals, or "experimental rabbits"Thus, scientists have already used in dermatological studies. Skinny was considered to be very valuable subjects, as humans are, and they are common in mammals of the immune system and the thymus (thymus gland).

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Maintenance and care

Hairless skinny guinea pigs physiologically practically do not differ from their hairy counterparts. They are just as energetic and good-natured. And, of course, they are also guinea pigs. The only difference is the wool, or rather, in its presence.

Skinny Guinea Pig - Photo And Description Of The Breed

However, when it comes to leaving, you should be a little more attentive and careful. The hair of guinea pigs is definitely a protective layer for their skin, so hairless pigs do not have this protection, and their skin is exposed to the same effect as ours.

Lack of wool also means that they are more sensitive to temperature changes. Their external body temperature is slightly higher than that of other pigs: 24-26 degrees. I need to maintain it at a relatively normal normal temperature.

Skinny Guinea Pig - Photo And Description Of The Breed

The skin should be vulnerable to injuries and infections. In this, they are recommended to be kept strictly indoors and in a controlled environment.

Interesting Facts

  • Skinny pigs. 80 breeds of guinea pigs.
  • Their unusual appearance has provided them with widespread popularity around the world.
  • In 1978 in Montreal, Canada.
  • In 1986, he began breeding with crossbreeds and Rex pigs and American Teddy.
  • The skinny body looks pretty full
  • They have a soft and smooth surface.
  • Skinny have wool on their paws and faces.
  • They can have a variety of colors
  • Externally, the skin is very similar to the guinea pig guinea pig.
  • They are born almost naked.

Skinny Guinea Pig - Photo And Description Of The Breed


  • Mumps have character and behavior.
  • In general, they are very affectionate and affectionate.
  • They prefer to be in the company of other guinea pigs.
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Skinny Guinea Pig - Photo And Description Of The Breed

How to care

  • The breed does not require frequent bathing, because their skin needs special protective oils.
  • When bathing, skinnies require special attention and caution.
  • How best to keep their claws trimmed.
  • Because it must maintain a relatively natural body temperature.
  • The average lifespan of skinny pigs is 5 to 6 years.
  • They need a warm room.
  • Therefore, it is recommended that they not be exposed to sunlight at all.
  • Soft materials such as towels, blankets or wool are recommended.

Skinny Guinea Pig - Photo And Description Of The Breed

Skinny breeding

Despite the fecundity of skinny pigs, their breeding has some features:

  • Two skinny pigs will give a litter 100% skinny
  • 50% contains at least one hairless mumps. The remaining pigs in the litter will simply be carriers of the skinny gene.
  • Two gene carriers will have a 25% chance of getting at least one skinny pig in a litter.
  • In case you make an occasion, it will be amazing, it will not be hairless. However, about half a year wear skin.

Very early, very early, in 8-10 weeks. However, the best time for breeding is when the female is at least 5 months old. the average duration of pregnancy is from 2 to 4 days. Births in guinea pigs usually start from 10 to 30 minutes.