The Choice Of Housing For The Pig

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First, a pig gets into the house, "settle", Most often you need to use an old aquarium for this.

So that readers can find in the article "Cage for Guinea Pigs."

She should be in perfect order. Everyone who has ever seen a pig "galloping" Need space. Despite the fact that she looks clumsy and fat, the guinea pig is perfect for display. You yourself are sure of this, that you are trying to find her in your house. Particularly relevant is the question of the size of the pig’s dwelling.

The Choice Of Housing For The Pig

Experienced breeders is a shelving unit or a large cage.


The general principle says: the larger the cell, the better the animal lives. If you can create a cage with your own hands, you can freely carry it through the door. Any cell should be made of solid material.

Old cardboard box. The animal quickly warms up the cardboard, and, in addition, it impregnates the urine, which creates ideal conditions for the appearance and reproduction of bacteria and bacteria and parasites.

A cage with a plastic bottom and a removable top. It can be easily disinfected with hot water and soap.

Ready-made cages for guinea pigs are available in a large assortment and at different prices, depending on size, quality, equipment, etc.

Rectangular metal cells, especially nickel-plated. They are durable, hygienic, their openwork grilles allow a lot of light to pass through. Metal cells cannot be exposed to disinfectant solutions.

Cells made from organic glass, getinaks and other synthetic materials are hygienic and are not affected by chemicals like metal, but they "fear" hot water and high temperature.

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Combined cells are less durable than metal cells.

Place for cell installation

It is better to choose a place for installing cells in an apartment in a hurry. Very big threats are drafts. If the cage is in a place where there is a risk of drafts, the animal may catch a cold or get inflammation of the eyes. The space for the cells must be very diverse. It is absolutely unacceptable to keep guinea pigs in dark and cool rooms, for example, in a residential basement. Only guinea pigs can be guaranteed a long and healthy life.

The air temperature in the room should be 22 ° C, relative humidity of 45–55%, illumination 60 lux. High temperature and low air mobility in combination with high humidity inhibit heat transfer, which, in turn, causes the body to overheat. Metabolism is slowed down. Negatively affects the condition of animals and high humidity.

The proximity of the window, heating appliances, TV is undesirable. I do not like mumps and bright light, but in the cells there is no particular difficulty. It is better to install the cage on the bedside table or on some kind of stand, and not on the floor.

Observation of temperature changes can be great (especially in winter when airing).

Basically the equipment is the same. The house has the right to a guaranteed small stay of residents and children, as well as a shadow if the cage is exposed to the sun. Cells are stretched over stripe tissue.

The feeders should be of a convenient design and of good quality. It is best to use ceramic or plastic. They should be heavy enough so that they cannot turn them over, resting their paws on the edge. The feeder should have a wide base, like a dog’s mission.
The feeder can be extendable, external or attached to the floor.

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Cells are most often sprinkled with wood sawdust or shavings; specially prepared for small animals. The layer of sawdust or shavings should be 2-3 cm. They can cause constipation when eaten by animals and bonding of wool in long-haired breeds. Do not use newspapers due to possible ink poisoning. If you do not have sawdust for bedding, toilet or wrapping paper, straw is temporarily used.

Regardless of the type of material used, it is recommended to clean the cage once or twice a week.

The larger the area of ​​the cells, the less often it has to be killed. It is possible that the litter will have to be replaced in a day. In practice, it signals the appearance of a slight smell.

The Choice Of Housing For The Pig

The room is like an aviary

You will soon find out what they love. When you realize that you are on your knees, you want to gain her trust. The process of taming can, of course, accelerate "bribes" in the form of a fresh salad or obvious treats.

If you have several guinea pigs, then each has its own character. One may be surprised to hear about "character" This is not a lie, nor an exaggeration. Each has its own "individuality"; Guinea pig is not unreasonable.

Who knows that each of them is unique in a way unique. Many were tamed easily, remaining incredulous. It was an unwavering tenacity. Be that as it may, she can never push forward.

The manifestation of stupidity, or intelligence; probably neither one nor the other, but merely an innate feature of the character of the animal.
So that they can freely run around the room. They should be completely free, arrange frantic races. They say at once.

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Guinea pig moving freely around the house. There are many dangers in it. Without a doubt, the greatest danger is represented by electrical wires. The pig is constantly "opens up" try everything on the tooth. If it happens to bite the electric wires – instant death!

Guinea pig easily gets entangled, clinging to its claws, in all kinds of tissues. This can lead to stretching of the joints and its limbs and, of course, to damage to the tissue itself. Since this may not be the way it should. It can be captured at the most inopportune moment.