Toys For Guinea Pigs

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Guinea pig is not only dedicated to her, but also the only caring owner. I want the pet to be more interesting, everyone can do it. Guinea pigs should be equipped with the necessary devices: hammocks, mattresses, sleeping bags – for relaxation and a variety of toys – for entertainment.


Plain paper crumpled into a ball – what could be easier? A pig will probably be interested in a rustling object

Wooden arches

Curious pets are interested in many objects that fall into their field of vision. For example, they can be made independently from sticks. In such a shelter, the animal feels protected.

Toys For Guinea Pigs


Guinea pigs do not reflect their reflection in the mirror. The main thing is to make sure that the mirror is securely fixed.

Paper Cylinders

A tube made of thick paper or paperboard, rolled up into a tube and selected for optimal length or width. The pig will gladly climb inside and play there. You can take a regular cardboard reel from under the toilet paper, hammer a hole in the hay – you get both a toy and a feeder at the same time. You can use an old sock.


Any unpainted cardboard boxes of suitable sizes can be used as toys for guinea pigs.

Wooden cubes

Children’s wooden cubes can become not only entertainment, but also a trainer for teeth.

Boxes with a treat inside

As you know, this can be a good sense of smell and hearing. This can be used when making toys. For example, you can take a box of Kinder surprise, pour raw seeds there, and then pick up a small hole so that when shaking the seeds gradually spill out. Honorary seeds, the pig will try to move the naughty cylinder, while a few seeds will spill out, and the pig will receive a "reward".

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Toys for guinea pigs, remember that toys are contraindicated, creating a load on the spine – running wheels, walking balls.


Sleeping bags

Another thing that pigs love is sleeping bags. An envelope with a padding polyester inside is simply a necessary accessory in the pig’s apartment. Animals love to climb into different shelters, as well as lie on the soft. A sleeping bag allows both. Pulling the edges with his nose, the pig easily climbs into the envelope and is there with great pleasure. The thing is very convenient. A bag, for example, can be placed in the hands of a small child, without fear that the pig will accidentally scratch the baby and he will drop it on the floor. If the pet needs to be distracted somewhere, the bag can be put in a carrier, and in cold weather just put in the bosom. How can you take out of the cage. He was simply irreplaceable. It is better to have a couple of bags so that the pig does not remain without its favorite accessory.

Toys For Guinea Pigs

Mattress and mat

A mattress and a rug are two more items that will be useful to your pet. There are only sides. Mattresses can be of any shape – square, rectangular, round, as well as with or without fur. Looks at the mattress, and put his head on the side, like on a pillow, fall asleep.


A hammock may well replace an uncomfortable house. Mumps can lie both in the hammock and under it. You feel great.

This may not be scary, but she really needs and is interested. Guinea pigs are always wary of new items that have appeared in their home. Do not rush things until the pig examines an unknown object, it will not use it for its intended purpose.