Toys For Guinea Pigs

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Guinea pigs are social animals, they like to be in companies. So it was that the owner decided to devote a lot of time to his pet. In this situation, the best way out of this situation is toys for guinea pigs, which can be made with your own hands. These toys will help you quickly adapt to new territory.

These animals often experience a sense of self-confidence. Food and fresh water will also help refresh yourself in a new place.

The following guinea pig toys are not recommended:

  • leashes
  • harnesses
  • walking balls
  • wheels for running

What kind of toys can guinea pigs have?

Fabrics made from natural materials, toilet paper rolls, box houses and paper towels.


That it was possible from plastic tubes. They are easily attached without additional equipment. You can discover new and new designs.

Toys For Guinea Pigs

Inside the tunnel or house, lay the food that the pig will look for. Tree branches are also great toys. They got a good treat, because on the branches there is bark and leaves, loved by the rodent. Rough stones and bricks are able to sharpen claws, and on children’s wooden cubes – teeth. It is important to ensure that they do not have digestive problems. All these toys for guinea pigs can be made with your own hands.


Toys For Guinea Pigs

The house should be spacious, preferably with a flat roof for viewing, and not plastic, because it is harmful to guinea pigs. "Ecological" housing – a house made of wood. And that’s all it takes to buy ceramic or plexiglass houses.

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For guinea pigs, there are a huge number of modifications of senniki. Their choice is huge, but the most popular trellised senniki. They are hung for mumps in the aviary. They mostly use a toy.

Toys For Guinea Pigs

Plastic senniki placed behind the cage are not very convenient for these animals. There are senniki that are installed outside. You can also make them yourself, using a brick with a hole and twigs. The main thing is that the animal has constant access to hay. If you want to put hay in a cage.

Pig hammock

Spray can lie on sunbeds, hammocks, pads, shelves, etc. Because of the love of the pigs, defecate where they are. Such contact can lead to fungal, urinary dermatitis and subdermatitis.

Toys For Guinea Pigs

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In the enclosure, you need to lay something waterproof (linoleum, oilcloth) and on top a rug, fleece or cotton fabric. The cells will not deteriorate, the pig will not slide its paws. The cage needs to be washed thoroughly once a week, removing excess garbage. In the heat, tiles are often used, which can be put in a cage or in an aviary. Here you can relax.

In order to make toys for guinea pigs, you do not need special skills that can be added to the cage with any new thing.