Toys For Guinea Pigs

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Our article today will be useful to guinea pig lovers. We talk about how we left and kept these charming rodents. But they have not yet touched on the theme of leisure. Guinea pigs like to play less than, for example, cats or dogs. Today we’ll talk about how to occupy a guinea pig and what safe toys it can offer.

Guinea pigs are wonderful pets, it is interesting to watch them, they are easy to care for. They can be sad and even get sick. To keep your pet active and cheerful, there are many ways to entertain him. You cannot buy guinea pigs in toys.

Toys For Guinea Pigs

Toys are taboo

Guinea pig is not a hamster. “Captain evidence”, do not forget about it. Guinea pigs do not need to offer a walking ball, ladders or a running wheel. The spine of this rodent is weak, and your pet can easily get hurt.

For the same reason, you should not cling a guinea pig to a leash or harness. Small toys that may be banned.

Toys you need

An excellent principle that is easy to remember and easy to apply, choosing toys for guinea pigs – "The simpler, the better!". Need items for entertainment yourself.


Incredibly, the fact is that guinea pigs are great imaginaries. Zverkov – look in the mirror. Fix the mirror directly in the cage. True, there is a small minus: you often rush about in the mirror, that it quickly gets dirty, and after a short time no one can be seen in it.

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Toys For Guinea Pigs


Toys For Guinea Pigs

Wooden cubes

Ordinary children’s wooden cubes are great fun for guinea pigs. Choose children’s toys so that the pig does not eat up paint and varnish. So that he does not gnaw all the cubes at once.

Stuffed Toys

Guinea pigs are still sissy. They are happy to snuggle up to something soft and warm.

Important! It is necessary to monitor the integrity of the toy. If it breaks, it will kill a toy from the cages.

Cardboard box

Toys For Guinea Pigs

Think cats only love to hide in cardboard boxes? This is a pleasure. In a simple box, several holes should be written.


And guinea pigs love to roll objects. A tennis ball or ping-pong ball is not important. Your favorite will be happy with any round subject. It is very important to ensure that the animal does not bite the ball. As soon as you notice the deformation of the object – remove it from the cage.

Towel or scarf

A piece of regular warm cloth also becomes an excellent entertainment for guinea pigs. Stars will be happy to build a warm house and bask in it. Do not forget to monitor the cleanliness of such litter, wash it in a timely manner.