We Buy Or Make Do-It-Yourself Toys And Entertainment For Guinea Pigs

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Guinea pigs are playful and sociable creatures. In the absence of the owner, they can get bored. So she could have fun on her own. Toys make a pet’s life more fun and help him get used to the new environment faster. In addition, regular exercise is good for your pet.

We Buy Or Make Do-It-Yourself Toys And Entertainment For Guinea Pigs

What should be the toys for guinea pigs

In no case should guinea pigs be allowed to run in wheels or put her in a walking scarf. Firstly, it is much heavier than a hamster, and it has a less flexible spine, which means it can be crippled. Secondly, a walking ball is absolutely useless for guinea pigs: this animal is short-sighted and can not see anything through the walls of the ball. Thus, the pet will not be able to ride in the ball.

It can damage the back and legs.

The animal can be offered for the game:

  • Balls for regular or table tennis. Because they really like small balls. The choice of balls for ping pong is quite large, they come in different colors and even with patterns. We only need to wash it a little. It is necessary to ensure that the pet does not shatter into pieces.
  • Wooden children’s cubes. Such toys not only entertain the rodent, but also use a sharpener for teeth. These cubes are made from a healthy component of the animal component. The cubes will look good in the cage and help the animal maintain healthy teeth. Guinea pigs readily gnaw at wooden objects. The main thing is that the pet does not overdo it, otherwise an intestinal upset can happen.
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Pet mirror

With a mirror at its disposal, a furry rodent will never be bored. He will sit near the magic glass. A mirror is especially useful if the pet does not have a friend. He thinks he is playing with another individual. This lesson will be your favorite attention.

Amusement Park for Guinea Pigs

If the cage is too small, then it can be useful to animals. To do this, put a blanket, towel or plaid on the floor. He must hold the animal inside. Then you need to put on the site different accessories: boxes with hay, branches and bark, tunnels. Items can be interconnected by horizontal ladders. We will tell you more about your favorite attractions of guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs love the heights, so with pleasure we will use the stairs and slides. Animals are quite agile and strong. Climbing up, they feel confident. This should be to lay something soft on the supposed fall site.

DIY Guinea Pig Toys

Making toys for guinea pigs with your own hands is quite a pleasant activity, which does not take much time. The simplest materials are preferred. The animal doesn’t care, security.

Toys made at home from improvised materials are much safer than factory ones. You can give a “new life” to so many household items by filling them with dry grass. An old sock full of hay will cause a lot of joy in the pet. He will deal with the fabric, but instead of wearing injury, or grass that can be enjoyed without fear.

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Another safe amusement for guinea pigs is toilet paper bushings. Fleece picks up hay and puts in a cage.

You can also fill in boxes of eggs with hay. A closed box, placed in the cage of a rodent, will cause him keen interest. The exercise machine for teeth.

We Buy Or Make Do-It-Yourself Toys And Entertainment For Guinea Pigs

You can make a toy of brick, hay and twigs of apple or pear. Sticks in the hole. The pet can get carried away and break the structure, so sometimes she will have to repair it.

Towels and woolen blankets can not be sent to the trash, but washed and used to make a hut. In addition, they can be cut into small cells.

The toy will become a small container of chocolate eggs with a surprise. Small beads are placed in it, and a rattle is obtained.

What else can you offer pig

We Buy Or Make Do-It-Yourself Toys And Entertainment For Guinea Pigs

Many guinea pigs like to rustle on crumpled newspaper sheets. Before giving the animal such a toy, make sure that the paint is non-toxic. Some newspapers print using safe ingredients. However, you can use a notebook sheet or parchment for baking.

So that the pigs could be thrilled. For example, jeans or fleece. The triangles were like boats. Each end is canted or ribbon, leaving long ends. Cells at a suitable height.

The size depends on the size of the cage and mumps. The animal must climb freely into the tunnel. Pieces of metal wire are folded into rings and sheathed with a dense fabric. They were at least ten centimeters apart. Just like a pig can be at his disposal.

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You can use a piece of plastic sewer pipe, it is better if it is a tee or elbow. Inside it can be covered with fabric to make it more comfortable.

The labyrinth for the pet is easy to make from boxes and plastic bottles. A hole is made in the boxes. The central part is left from the bottles, cutting off the bottom and top. The edges were designed so that they are not sharp. Further, the bottles and boxes are arranged in such a way that it is interesting for the animal to run through the maze.

To tie a ladder, you need to tie twigs, chopsticks or pencils with a rope.

Rodent swings can also be made with your own hands. Exotic option is a very convenient attraction. It is necessary to divide the shell in half, make it into a cell.

It can serve as a bottle made of thick plastic. The narrow part and the bottom are cut off, the remaining pipe should fit the pet in size. She is suspended from the ceiling with ropes.

To interest her and teach her to use, you can lure her with refreshments.

All guinea pigs react differently to toys. For example, special toys get bored quickly. There are pigs that are generally indifferent to him. But it’s worth a try anyway.