What Can Not Feed A Guinea Pig And Why

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Any pets or the owners themselves. In nature, all new types of food and at the level of instincts are determined by their safety and security. At home, the pig eats monotonously, it is instinctively attracted, and it eats dangerous indoor plants, pieces of food found and what was offered to it by an uninformed owner. The owner’s task is to protect the pet from dangerous food.

What Can Not Feed A Guinea Pig And Why

What is bad for mumps

The body of pigs is very different from humans and from the structure of other animals. The digestive system of these animals can negatively relate to food that others do not worry about. In order not to harm him, you need to carefully study the list of what he can not be given.


In the diet of pigs it is necessary to eat fresh vegetables – they improve digestion, contain vitamins and other beneficial substances. However, not all vegetables have a beneficial effect on the body of animals. Some are dangerous and can cause severe harm to their health.

Prohibited foods include:

  • Potato (tuber and tops): due to the large amount of starch;
  • onions (including green and leeks) and garlic;
  • radish: pungent taste causes irritation of the mucosa;
  • rhubarb: contains oxalic acid, which is harmful to the stomach.

What Can Not Feed A Guinea Pig And Why

All of these vegetables are harmful even in small amounts.

It is undesirable feeding cabbage (white and red-headed, Brussels). In large quantities, it becomes available for diarrhea and flatulence. Various legumes cause bloating. Hot peppers are prohibited along with radish and radish.

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Fruits contain fructose – a natural sugar, so their quality should be limited (about 1-2 times a week). It is better to completely abandon exotic fruits (pineapple, avocado, mango).

Various citrus fruits (oranges, tangerines) are allowed in small doses. Previously, they need to be peeled, kill all the films and give the pet one pulp.

Animal products

Mumps are herbivores and therefore do not eat food of animal origin. They should not eat it at home. Milk, cottage cheese, butter, meat, fish, poultry and eggs. If you need to independently feed a baby formula, it is better to use a milk-free formula for children.


Indoor Flowers

What Can Not Feed A Guinea Pig And Why

During a walk outside the cage, animals sometimes gnaw some indoor plants. This must be stopped immediately because most home plants are poisonous to pigs. Better if the pots are located inaccessible to rodents.

The most popular indoor plants dangerous for pigs:

Palm trees and cacti should also be kept away from a curious pet.

What Can Not Feed A Guinea Pig And Why

Tree branches

Porpoises: cypress, berries, holly, robinia, buckthorn.

We also have yellow, hazel and chestnut. In a small amount, they will not cause harm.

What drinks can be given to guinea pig

It is enough to remember that it is safe for pigs to drink only plain pure water. Bitter, sweet, soda, alcoholic drinks are prohibited. Stomach, and at worst – the death of a pet.


Among other things, it is worth mentioning that guinea pigs do not tolerate processed foods: fried, boiled, pickled, baked, canned. The owner can not feed the pet food from his table. Including sweets: chocolate, marshmallows, cookies, etc.

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Other prohibited products include:

  • mushrooms;
  • sauces – ketchup, mustard, etc.
  • sorrel;
  • plantain.

There are special sweets for rodents – drops. They come in different tastes – berry, citrus, vegetable. They must be very careful. Drops contain sugar that is harmful to animals.

What Can Not Feed A Guinea Pig And Why

Before you offer your pet something tasty, you should check the list of prohibited foods. If there is no information on a specific product, the best option is to postpone it and choose something else.