What Foods Can Feed Guinea Pigs

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Even experienced livestock breeding require to feed a pet whether it is possible to give certain products. Before moving to a guinea pig, you need to find out what foods can harm his health. The daily menu for guinea pigs should include vegetables, fruits, berries, and cereals. Many vegetables and fruits can even be offered to a pet along with a peel. It can be guinea pigs, equally useful for them. What can be eaten by rodents, and by what it is impossible to feed a guinea pig, is described in this article.

What Foods Can Feed Guinea Pigs

Is it possible for guinea pigs radish

Only radish tops are allowed. The root vegetable contains essential oils that can cause irritation of the mucous membranes and respiratory tract of the animal. Also, the vegetable causes bloating. Therefore, giving pigs a radish is not recommended.

Can Guinea Pigs Celery

Celery can be given in any form – stems, leaves, roots. This vegetable is part of many dry food for rodents. Celery is enriched with B, PP, E, C, A vitamins and contains phosphorus, zinc, potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium. Before eating celery, it is necessary to rinse well, especially the root.

Is it possible for guinea pigs tomatoes

Ripe fruits can be included in the feed. Tomatoes are well absorbed by animals and contain vitamins C and carotene useful for their body. Negatively affect the health of the pet.

Too many tomatoes on the animal’s menu can trigger loose stools.

Is it possible for guinea pigs cabbage

Cabbage can be included in the diet of the animal. Cabbage has many essential lead vitamins and other substances in its composition:

    vitamin C; B vitamins; vitamins of the PP group; folic acid; sulfur; calcium; potassium; phosphorus; amino acids; trace elements.

The vegetable is able to maintain the animal’s coat in excellent condition, strengthen its immunity. The top dried leaves should be given. Feeding guinea pigs is preferable to Beijing cabbage and broccoli. White-headed can provoke bloating.

Can guinea pigs have potatoes?

Green and sprouted potatoes are not recommended for guinea pigs. A raw vegetable can be given occasionally by cutting it into small pieces. Boiled potatoes can be offered to a pet separately or added to cereals and other products.

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Corned beef is eaten, which can harm a healthy animal. The mumps becomes passive and quickly catches a cold.

Can Guinea Pigs Beetroot

Beetroot contains many useful substances for animals: vitamins C, A and B, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron. In excess, the vegetable contains fiber, therefore, acts on the body of the animal as weak. Buyers of root crops may contain nitrates, which are very harmful to the small organism of guinea pigs. It is better to offer your pet a homemade crop. In addition, the consumption of this product is better to limit.

It is recommended to give beets with 2 months, especially in winter and spring, when there are no fresh vegetables. The daily dose should not exceed 200 g, and it must be excluded so as not to provoke an upset stomach. Therefore, do not be afraid of such changes.

Can Guinea Pigs Pumpkin

Pigs can be given all sorts of pumpkins that are consumed by humans. For the digestion of herbivorous animals, such a product will be familiar and useful. Pumpkin contains vitamins C, calcium and phosphorus necessary for rodents. Thus, guinea pigs are better off as a treat.

Is it possible for guinea pigs to have bell pepper

Another storehouse of ascorbic acid is bell pepper. Before eating vegetables, thoroughly rinse and chop, remove the seeds. It is better to give the product in conjunction with dry feeding.

Green pepper containing solanine is allowed to animals. Spicy foods will damage the mucous membranes.

Can guinea pigs cucumber

There are not as many nutrients in cucumbers as in other vegetables. You can offer a cucumber to your pet. A vegetable can harm a pet’s health, causing digestive problems only if consumed in large quantities.

Can Guinea Pigs Squash

Zucchini is suitable for the diet of guinea pigs. They contain small amounts of vitamins C, calcium and phosphorus. Young vegetables are supposedly better by slicing.

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Fruits and berries

Can a guinea pig have a banana? Rich potassium banana will benefit the guinea pig, but do not give more than 1 pc per day.

It can be hazardous to health substances (wax, chemicals, ethylene and pesticides). For safety, it is better to remove soft fibers from the fetus.

Can Guinea Pigs Pear

It can be given with a peel, but without seeds. Rinse the water well and cut into pieces, to accommodate the pig with it, you must offer water. Due to its high sugar content, it can cause diarrhea.

Is it possible to guinea pigs kiwi

Kiwi is a very useful fruit for the animal. It found a large amount of ascorbic and folic acid. It is also rich in vitamins E, iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

What Foods Can Feed Guinea Pigs

Give kiwi without skin in the form of small pieces. For the pet, you need to choose the fruits harder. The amount of food eaten is better controlled. An increase in the dose of kiwi is acceptable in autumn and winter, as well as when feeding females during pregnancy and lactation.

Is it possible for guinea pigs oranges and other citrus fruits

Occasionally you can use it. It is better to receive from other products, avoiding citrus fruits. Possible complications:

    glut of vitamins; skin irritation; urine oxidation.

Is it possible for guinea pigs apples

Apples can be raw and dried. They have a balanced ratio of sugar to fructose (18: 80%). This allows the mumps to be active.

The fruit must be peeled and cut into slices. 3 pieces.

Is it possible for guinea pigs strawberries, grapes and other berries

There is enough vitamin C in strawberries to pay attention to the choice of treats for the rodent. You can give animals strawberry leaves.

    Pig may like grapes. You can offer the animal grape seedless. Currants once a week will also not harm the pet. If you do not mind, then you can offer pigs and berries, berries, leaves and branches of blueberries, blackberries and sea buckthorn, wild rose without seeds. For medicinal purposes, give cranberries. It has an anti-inflammatory effect on the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, stomach, and bladder.
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Milk products

Is it possible for guinea pigs milk

Giving milk to guinea pigs is not recommended. The enzyme that is responsible for the breakdown of milk sugar (lactose) in the body of animals has an insufficient amount. If the pig drinks milk, lactose will cause diarrhea and bloating. Therefore, the pet is better to show the doctor.

During lactation, milk can and should be given to females. In milk, you can soak crackers and offer mumps.

Ban the wider on other dairy products: cottage cheese, cheese, yogurt and others.

Other products

Can Guinea Pigs Bread? Better to give.

Fresh yeast bread is digested for a long time and causes fermentation in the animal’s stomach. White bread provokes bloating. You can eat stale bread to your pet, but not often. Dried bread with seeds, sesame seeds and raisins can sometimes be offered to your pet as a treat.

Is it possible for guinea pigs nuts and seeds

These foods can cause obesity if you do not limit their use. It is better to offer your pet almonds, walnuts or hazelnuts.

Seeds contain many components useful for the animal: fatty acids, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, proteins and vitamins. It is better to give peeled seeds and make sure that they are no more than 15% of the total amount of feed.

Can a guinea pig grits

Cereals should be included in the pet’s menu. The best option is dry oat grains. You can give 2 times a week for 1 tablespoon. The green shoots of oats are ideal for guinea pigs. They are nutritious and healthy.

Is it possible for guinea pigs eggs

It is forbidden to give eggs to guinea pigs. They implemented animal protein. It can harm the animal or destroy it, since it is not absorbed in the body of pigs.