What Kind Of Beast Is A Guinea Pig

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The guinea pig – an animal whose name is well known to everyone. Usually this animal is described as “support of the state” or “I had in my childhood” and the knowledge about the content or feeding ends there. Each owner of this "miracle" thought about being alive.

What Kind Of Beast Is A Guinea Pig

Nevertheless, this exotic animal deserves attention as a quiet, intelligent and calm pet, capable of delivering a lot of pleasure when communicating with him. I think how many guinea pigs live. The life span of this rodent is 6-10 years.

The name “marine” is definitely not true.. Any swim can be deadly. Initially, the word was transformed into “marine”. That’s the whole secret. And why the "pig"? Outwardly, she can resemble a pig with short legs, only she does not grunt, but whistles loudly and purrs.

Guinea pig care.

If feces are killed on time, as needed. General cleaning with washing of the place of detention is carried out once a month. We should not demand an ordinary pig, as the procedure only trains long-haired pedigree and show animals. To care also includes clipping, examination of the dental system and coat, attention to the change in normal behavior.

What Kind Of Beast Is A Guinea Pig

Pet Disease

A veterinarian serving rodents is called a ratologist. In this matter, I want to quickly find out that diseases of guinea pigs are very fast, difficult and often fatal. Therefore, with the first symptoms of malaise, you need to seek help. In addition, all the necessary mailings are mandatory for everyone, therefore, all procedures are carried out.

Feeding Guinea Pigs.

Very often a misconception arises how to feed a guinea pig. In the feeder, the animal gets food for pigs and hamsters, grain, bread, sausage, waste from the table. It is necessary for all owners to clearly find out: the guinea pig is only a herbivorous, intestinal tract arranged for processing grass and fiber.

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Any protein food or dry feeding for carnivores simply rots inside the intestines, not having time to evacuate on time. The select is configured for constant food intake, without lunch and dinner, around the clock. Both feed and breastfeed should be planted with feed in descending order. Drinking bowls are best used nipple, the water is fresh and does not leak in the pan.
Subject to the minimum conditions, the pet will delight with its welcome long-term period.