What Sounds Do Guinea Pigs Make

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The sounds of guinea pigs are a way of communication. They not only communicate with each other, but also communicate their needs to the owner. Emotional animals, each mood is transmitted in its own way, so they can reproduce many different sounds. The breeder, the acquired mass, must be prepared for guinea pigs talking, screaming, singing, hissing, crying, whistling, eating, growling, tweeting, teaching with their teeth and making other sounds.


Why does guinea pig squeak? There are several reasons why she does this.

In the natural environment, food is frightened pigs. A newborn animal tells his mother about his concern with a squeak. Males during courtship use this method of communication. The animal also squeaks when it hurts.

Encourage animals to use this sound to arouse pity of the owner, to draw attention to themselves. It could be a protest. For example, if you live in a cage and enjoy a pleasant conversation.

Begging may also be accompanied by a squeak. Breeders who have a cage with a pet in the kitchen, over time, notice that they open the refrigerator, the guinea pig screams.

What Sounds Do Guinea Pigs Make

Staying at the appearance of the owner can express joy from the long-awaited meetings and expectations of a traditional tasty treat.

A hungry pet squeaks to inform the breeder of his desire to eat.

It is important to learn to understand his ward and not apply to all his calls for whims. A star may really need help, even medical.

Growls / purrs / growls

The guinea pig may also purr, showing sympathy for the owners or other animals.

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The rumbling of general and negative emotions. To determine the mood of the animal, you need to evaluate its behavior at the moment. A calm, relaxed and happy rodent will just purr cute. This is annoyance, intense behavior and rumbling sounds. When she smoothly rumbles and vibrates. If the rumbling is intermittent, then the pet is not happy with something or he is scared.

What Sounds Do Guinea Pigs Make

A growl is a rumble at a lower sound. During the mating season and mating, both males and females growl.

Rattle / bite the teeth

Why is guinea pig banging his teeth? This is most often a bad sign. A pet can express his displeasure and even anger in this way. If the animal taps its teeth, then it can be sure that the sounds are tuned aggressively.

A gnashing or grinding of teeth can be a harbinger of a fight. If they agree together, they can arrange a division of the territory or find out the relationship. Better to accustom the animal to the neighborhood gradually. First, give the animal the opportunity to only hear each other. After a couple of weeks, the pigs can be placed in one room. After some time, rodents will be ready for cohabitation.

When you have pets, there is no evidence that it is worth checking his state of health.

Rodents often chatter on indigestion.

What Sounds Do Guinea Pigs Make

Rattle can occur as a result of tooth overgrowth. A dental defect can cause infection or exhaustion. Therefore, do not hesitate to visit a veterinarian.

Squeals and whines / groans

A friendly animal does not tolerate loneliness. A pet who has been alone for a long time may scream loudly when the owner appears. In this way, the guinea pig talks, communicates. Therefore, it is recommended that pigs are kept in pairs.

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The guinea pig can make friends with a rabbit, and even with an ordinary soft toy.

What Sounds Do Guinea Pigs Make

With severe pain or an approaching disease, the animal may not ignore such pet behavior. Be sure to check his health or find out that the rodent was scared.

Pig, experiencing severe pain, able to moan and whine. The breeder may notice that when performing some action. The source of irritation of the animal must be eliminated.

In rare cases, driving means that the pet is satisfied.

Chirps / tweets

Guinea pig tweets are rare. Not all rodents make such sounds. It really is very similar to the twittering of birds.

Chirping pets have strange behaviors. Usually a guinea pig takes no more than 20 minutes.

Scientists who watched the animals came to the conclusion that the guinea pig was tweeting:

  • in a state of intense excitement;
  • under stress;
  • after quarrels with relatives or were heavily overloaded.

Whistles / wheezes / whistles

A satisfied pet often sniffs, and a well-fed pet whistles. In anticipation of a treat, the animal may begin to sniffle and gradually switch to a whistle. This situation may occur when opening the refrigerator.

What Sounds Do Guinea Pigs Make

If the owner does not get a treat, the pet can also whistle to draw attention to its person and get something tasty.

You should give a greeting or signal that they are hungry.

If she is breathing, then she needs to be shown to the vet.