What Sounds Make Guinea Pigs And Their Meaning

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If you intend to make everyone loved. They make a variety of sounds, hungry, fears, illnesses, etc. Each situation is accompanied by a specific sound signal.

To become a good and caring host, such animals must learn to recognize what they mean. This will fulfill all the wishes of the pet, his life has become worthy and comfortable.

When communicating

If the animal is losing weight in the world around it, then it will welcome a friendly attitude. Purring or rumbling is a sign of sympathy that sounds next to the owner or other pet. Guinea pig is an extremely friendly and outgoing little animal. She may fail badly.

You should hear a loud screech.

So the pet conveys the joy of the arrival of the owner and invites you to chat more quickly.

Expression of interest or pleasure

Guinea pigs are distinguished by their emotionality and its manifestations. Noticed that Does the animal quietly squeal or gently whistle? Do not hesitate: the pet is satisfied with its life.

The rumbling, accompanied by vibration, indicates the calmness and criticality of the rodent, often manifests itself when stroking the animal. This means that he is satisfied.

Sniff displays a similar emotion. Such a sound may also indicate interest. The guinea pig will focus on doing or diligently doing something.

Listen to an example of such sounds that it is better to understand your pet.

Sounds of flirting and pairing

Greeting partner accompanied by grunts and rumble. Thus, the males try to attract attention. These sounds are signs of mating readiness. The mating season and the process happens is often accompanied by leverage. Do not worry, as they "talk" to each other.

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Anxiety, fear and aggression

They say short and high brrr. So the animal will respond to loud voices and sounds that appear unexpectedly. If a pet whines or groans, then he is annoyed. In addition, he was gathering nearby. You will learn when you hear the clicking of your teeth and tapping. The pig was hostile and ready to attack. This situation occurs when two males are found nearby.

Tooth knocking also symbolizes anger and discontent. It is necessary to eliminate the object or object of aggression, so that the rodent is not nervous. A hissing has a similar interpretation.

When chewing and eating

A sharp whistle, repeated every couple of seconds, is a signal of hunger and food demand. A peaceful and moderate whistling accompanies the feeding process. Do not hesitate: pet food is to your liking. Have you heard the squeak? So the animal begs and requires a treat.

When should you beware?

A piercing squeak is a symbol of pain and fear. It is at this moment that guinea pig is bad. And he must be sure that he is in order, safe and sound.

It is important to be on the alert after a rattle is heard.. This means that teeth and solid foods are not able to increase their age. This process leads to infection, therefore, does not lose time and sends to a veterinary clinic.

Any heart-rending and frantic cry is a sign of impending danger, and this makes it clear that his health is at risk. Be sure to immediately check your pet and secure it.

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While breathing, you can see everything you need to go to the vet for an examination.

Guinea pig health is in danger.

Listen to examples

Then you can listen to a few more sounds made by guinea pigs. Recognize what the animal is trying to tell us.

A strange sound, the meaning of which is that in an animal it is scary or sad in solitude. https://xvostus.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/zvuki-morskih-svinok-strah-odinochestvo-1.mp3

Such a sociable pet is a real find. Learning to recognize the sounds made by him, and understand your pet will be extremely simple. This is a caring care of the animal, and he lives a long, eventful and fulfilling life.

What Sounds Make Guinea Pigs And Their Meaning