What You Can Not Feed Guinea Pigs

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Words that should not be given to guinea pigs "at all" (for example, rhubarb or potato tops), and there are products that cannot be subjected to immediate irreparable harmful effects of a pig, are still extremely undesirable for the diet of these animals.

Let’s consider what belongs to the category "forbidden",

So, guinea pigs should not be given:

1. Dairy products. milk, yogurt, cheese, etc. Guinea pigs do not tolerate lactose, as they do not have an enzyme to digest it. When dairy products enter the body, pigs develop gas and diarrhea.

2. Sweets, cookies, sweets, marshmallows, marmalade. (see paragraph 5 about sugar)

3. Meat of any kind. Guinea pigs are 100% vegetarian by nature, so don’t even try to treat your favorite steak or cutlet.

4. Chocolate

What You Can Not Feed Guinea Pigs

5. Sugar. Sweet sugar can cause high blood sugar. The one exception. fresh fruits and berries, bananas, strawberries, watermelon, etc.)

6. Corn

7. Onions and garlic (both root vegetables and greens)

8. Bread and any bakery products. These products, as a rule, contain refined sugar, preservatives, improvers and other unhealthy ingredients, which, firstly, will be easily redistributed, and which, secondly, will bring harm to healthy pigs.

9. Nuts. Nuts are very high in calories and rich in fat. Feeding can lead to obesity and heart problems. In addition, the risk of developing atherosclerosis, liver damage and other diseases.

10. Beans (only green shoots are suitable for feeding)

11. Potatoes of any kind. Starch contained in root crops for pigs has a role, and potato is simply poisonous.

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12. Peas (only green shoots of peas are suitable for feeding)

13. Cereals and other cereals. These are highly processed foods containing sugar or sweeteners.

14. Grains and seeds. Here someone can argue: how so? Indeed, in some feed for pigs there are seeds, oats and other cereals. Yes, and at the lowest price. This does not mean that they are useful for guinea pigs! For example, they contain a lot of fat. This can negatively affect pig health.

15. Any canned food. Any pickled or canned vegetables and fruits should be avoided, including olives, olives, etc. like that.

What vegetables should not be given to guinea pigs

In most cases, certain types of vegetables exist for pigs.

So, what vegetables should not be given to guinea pigs:

Rhubarb and potatoes can be not only vegetables, but also other vegetables that cause problems, and if they are given, they are very rare, and it is better to avoid them altogether!

One more thing IMPORTANT RULE: all the vegetables that are eaten, the pig should be raw, not cooked!

How to feed guinea pigs

Guinea pig should consist of grass or hay, vegetables, fruits and special high-quality granular feed.

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