When And How Guinea Pigs Sleep

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These cute rodents have long been pets. Funny, noisy and smart animals, once in the house, quickly become our friends.

Guinea pigs laugh, surprise and amaze with their tricks. Good-natured rodents at home are not aggressive and affectionate pets. You have a question, is the guinea pig sleeping?

How and in what poses

In the wild, guinea pig lives in a flock. With a large number of hunters, she had to seek food and shelter. Subconsciously waiting for the attack. Deep instincts were obtained in the body of its special regime, according to which domesticated pigs now live.

Once in a new home, the guinea pig may not sleep for several days. Like all rodents, they are difficult to go through the period of adaptation. New environment, smells, unusual voices, putting animals in a state of stress. Frightened animals try to climb into the farthest corner or hide in a house.

To get the addiction process as smooth as possible, it is less necessary to disturb the pet. In the early days, replenishment of the feeding and drinking bowl is allowed, while trying not to make sudden sweeping movements, while calling the pet by name in a quiet voice with a gentle intonation.

The process of falling asleep begins in stages. The animal, standing on its paws, gradually relaxes, then gently lowers onto the litter. However, bending eyes and eyes that instantly open at the slightest rustle indicate that the animal has not yet fully trusted the owner and is ready to hide at any moment. The rodent can dry up easily.

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During sleep, the adapted pet can take any posture and the more outgoing the pet, the freer it feels. The characteristic poses of sleeping guinea pigs are:

  1. On the side. In this case, the legs are extended to the body or extended along, and the eyes are closed.
  2. On the back.
  3. On the stomach with outstretched legs.

A mumps pose that sleeps with eyes open means extreme anxiety.

Sometimes during sleep, the pig can bend its paws. Perhaps she will kill a dream. In this case, it is. The familiar smell of the owner will calm the pet.

If for some reason an unnatural reason has arisen that causes concern to the owner, you need to observe the behavior of the animal. Uncomfortable posture may be caused by malaise or latent injury.


Despite the rounded shape and obesity, guinea pigs are active and are considered day animals. Sleep in animals is short-term and takes only 8-10 minutes. The total amount of sleep time is 4-6 hours per day.

The wakefulness regime corresponds to the human schedule, day – business activity, at night – a period of rest. Only about 80 times a day. rodent night festivities are no exception.

It is possible that the animal wants to eat or drink water. If you need to move the cell bath to the far corner of the bed.

Themselves rodents sleep very sensitively. To try not to make loud sounds.

If you remember that he ordered the day, and he began to bully at night, this will help a small adjustment in the time of food. Pigs are inherently pedantic animals and get used to living on schedule. It is enough to shift the feeding time to that period of the day when it is convenient for the owner. This should happen gradually.

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We create comfortable conditions for sleeping a pet

Guinea pig quite unpretentious animal and gladly carry out the commands of the owner.

We have free time and time spent with a loved one. Games in the maze, walking on the street or traveling around the apartment will saturate the day of the animal and help to sleep.

A little time, we will help with tips:

  • Everything should be spacious and set in a quiet place.
  • The habitat of the animal does not allow drafts and direct sunlight.
  • Comfortable temperature for living is up to 23 ° C.
  • Frequent cleaning of the cells contributes to the calm state of the pet.
  • Daily feeding with fresh vegetables and fruits will distract and diversify the monotonous life of the pet.
  • A lively and noisy pet will be comforted by tissue thrown over the cage.
When And How Guinea Pigs Sleep

Photo of a sleeping guinea pig

It is advisable to give all your free minutes to your beloved. Sleep on the lap of the owner, accompanied by scratching the tummy, will bring mutual pleasure. All whom he trusts are all whom he trusts.