Why Guinea Pigs Bite

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However, do not forget that this is primarily an animal. An animal can only be bitten.

Guinea pig character

Guinea pigs are good-natured and funny animals. Constant contact with a person and features of his development. They differ only in gigantic marine abilities and fear of humans on them at the genetic level.

Why Guinea Pigs Bite

Ordinary domestic pigs are sociable, playful and quickly get used to their master.

There are situations in which the animal may begin to bite. Not all “biting” is a sign of aggression, most often it is an answer to the owner’s wrong actions. However, you do not have many ways to express your dissatisfaction and say no. A guinea pig cannot express irritation under tail tail or lever, a weak warning squeak may not always be recognized by the owner correctly. The breeder should understand that it may not be in the mood, but in how bad it feels.

Why Guinea Pigs Bite

Why a pig can bite

There are several main reasons why they form in three large groups:

  • Breaking the boundaries of the animal’s personal space,
  • Discomfort and behavioral features,
  • Diseases

Breaking borders

Guinea pig, like any animal, has its own personal space and does not always tolerate violation of its borders. This applies to other animals and humans. A person takes part in his intake during meals, in hygiene procedures. In order that the animal could not be during regular procedures, such as pricing or cleaning the ears, he must learn himself and encourage treats. Otherwise, bites will be protected – just the necessary self-defense.

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Why Guinea Pigs Bite

If it passes at the wrong time. Most often, the guinea pig can be aggressive if the owner decides to clean up while the animal eats or drinks. An attempt to bite an animal can also occur when the owner has disturbed him during sleep.

Discomfort and behavior

Discomfort is most often caused by improper actions of the owner. Careless handling can cause pain, keep you waiting long. The owner has a great chance of being bitten. They turn their attention to them. Distinguishing guinea pigs is not so easy, even with gloves.

Why Guinea Pigs Bite

Why Guinea Pigs Bite

Another reason why the guinea pig bites is the delicious smell at the hands of a person. In this case, the animal perceives the hands as its favorite treat and naturally.


A sick animal needs peace and silence. Sometimes the owner does not notice the symptoms of the onset of the disease and picks up habits. In this case, the disturbed animal will certainly bite. Try to bite, squeak aggressively. Pregnant females are especially irritable in the last weeks of pregnancy, and any attempt to pick them up most often ends with painful bites.

Even if there are no visible symptoms, the animal may feel unwell.

What to do if the animal bites

Every breeder must know that you can’t punish a pig for a bite. Only in response to the wrong actions of the breeder and the punishment for natural behavior require trust from the animal. Screaming or hitting can lead to stress and great health problems. The breeder should be patient and understanding. It takes time to wean a mumps bite.

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Why Guinea Pigs Bite

After a bite, the animal can be slightly tapped with a finger on the nose and say: “It is impossible”.

Even if the pig is bitten to blood, you need to calm down and let the animal go. Rinse the wound with iodine and apply a patch. Guinea pig saliva does not contain any natural microbes. If a guinea pig regularly bites when a person picks it up, then they just don’t like hugs. In this case, it is worth living the animal in his arms. If the animal breaks out of hands, then it is better to let it go.

What to do to accustom the animal to the hands and avoid bites?

It is worth daily and little by little to deal with pets, brothers in your arms for a few minutes. You can scratch a mumps tummy or withers area – they love it. However, at the first sign of anxiety and discontent, the pet should be immediately released. Most often, such classes bring a very quick positive result.