Wooden Bridge For Do-It-Yourself Guinea Pig

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Wooden bridge for do-it-yourself guinea pig

How to make a house or cage for a guinea pig yourself

In the article I will tell you how to build a house for guinea pigs. I will consider several options for making a home for a pet (complex and simple: a house, an aviary) with your own hands. I will list the varieties of designs. In order not to harm the health of guinea pigs.

DIY guinea pig house

To make a lot of effort, it will not be necessary. It is enough to have a desire and have time to create.

Before starting the manufacture of the home, clearly calculate the area. This is necessary for a comfortable pet stay. The guinea pig will be able to feel comfortable and calm in the house. One animal requires 0.7 m 2 of space in the home. Two pigs are given a space of 1m 2. For three, a little more than 1.2 m 2.

It all depends on your imagination.

Construction methods and necessary tools

Easy way

Built from cardboard. Options for complex designs.

To build, you will need such tools materials:

    cardboard box; scissors; glue; pencil or pen; ruler.

The dimensions of a suitable box should be no less high:

    length – 25 cm; width – 15 cm; height – 15 cm.

Parameters are for one medium sized guinea pig. If there are more boxes, that’s okay.

After neatly glued the printed edges of the box. If you want to apply cardboard paper. Cut sheets of the desired parameters and glue. All fragments are glued in the form of a rectangle.

Wooden Bridge For Do-It-Yourself Guinea Pig

We will serve the doors to the home. You can choose any side of the box. Hole dimensions: height – 12 cm, width – 11 cm. The pet house is ready.

Hard way

For the manufacture of need plywood. The following tools are also required:

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    plywood; jigsaw (electric or manual); curly ruler; pencil; sandpaper; glue.

To connect all the details, it is better to use glue designed for wood.

You can also fasten fragments with nails. But they need to be driven in completely. Sharp ends must be driven so that the pig does not get hurt.

Getting to work

4 rectangles 25 cm high, 15 cm wide. Next, draw 2 squares 15 cm high and 15 cm wide on the remaining space. We find a place for windows and doors. We mark the areas by drawing them. Take a jigsaw. We cut out all the details. Carefully crafted places to cut plywood with sandpaper. It is necessary to get rid of the splinter so that the animal does not get hurt. The walls of the structure are already ready for gluing. Attach parts will help special glue for carpentry. Its consistency is strong and durable. The connection of the fragments occurs within 10 minutes. If no special glue was found, you can use simple PVA. You need to take glue for paper and mix it with the remaining plywood chips. It was formed after sawing with a jigsaw. The consistency of this glue should be thick. After it can be safely applied for carpentry purposes. Glue all the fragments. We wait until the glue dries. The house is ready for living. If desired, the house can be painted and add various decorations. Drawing a complex version of the house

What other materials can you make a house from

At home, you can build for:

    plywood; cardboard paper, shoe boxes; metal gratings (cage). They are covered with fabric; flower pots; plastic pipes; designer parts; food plastic; paper bag.
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Replace it with a wooden or paper one.

Hanging Cabin Cabin House Plastic House

Wooden housing is best for guinea pigs. Such a house will last a long time. Even if the pet wants to sharpen its teeth against the walls. Cardboard and fabric houses will soon have to be replaced with new ones.

Summing up, I want to note that you need to give him time to get comfortable. You can not force the pet to be pushed first and not give free access. It is undesirable and specially to pull the pig from a new house. The animal in response to such treatment can become aggressive. Let the animal adapt to new conditions. And he will certainly thank his caress for the new apartment.

Your pet

Tips for care and treatment

Decorative guinea pigs are great pets because they do not require much space and care. But these animals are very active and love communication.

So that they can play with your loved ones, be sure to take care that they take the time of your absence.


You can apply a lot of things.

What were they like? How to choose a cage for them, walk to feed?

If you are interested in learning about the origin and nature of the bald guinea pig, then here you are.

It describes how many decorative rabbits live at home, how to feed them.

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Common Tunnels and labyrinths. A variety of options, at the end of the tunnel you can put some goodies. Soft tunnels are very popular.

They feel completely safe there. On sale you can find various balls, both edible and set just for fun.

Most people prefer everything to be alone.

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You can do a number Amusement park for your pets. Naturally, the territory for this is needed much more than a cage, so you need to assign a certain enclosure.

They should be safe, so avoid something sharp and scratchy.

Guinea pigs are very fond of Hay, therefore, it can become It can line the bottom of the aviary. Then for the pigs you need to make a house. He can be a buyer or a do-it-yourself deal from a cardboard box, or from wood.

Wooden Bridge For Do-It-Yourself Guinea Pig

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After all, a pet needs to hide somewhere if he is afraid of something. In the aviary, you can put several cubes, which can also be done independently. The form can be chosen by you, it depends only on the imagination. The organization of several levels in the aviary will also be a very interesting idea.

You can, of course, take care of the water for the pet. Too much time to stay alive when the pig is not hungry.

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Pets also have an opinion

I think they will be happy to accept any of your ideas. Not all toys will appeal to them., regardless of the fact that they were made with their own hands or were bought for a lot of money.

Each pig has its own characteristics and its own whims. Try to deliver it back after a while. There was no mood.

Decorative guinea pigs are wonderful animals; they will not cause you much trouble. You must definitely remember that they are very active. They need to engage in physical activity and spend time while you are not around, so try to maximize your leisure time for your pet.