Bald Guinea Pig

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Skinny or skinny and baldwin – these are very popular in recent years in domestic and foreign factories of the breed of bald guinea pigs. Such pets have a very unusual appearance, as well as completely unattractive in the maintenance and care.

Description and appearance

Bald guinea pigs have become in demand in our country relatively recently. They significantly differ from ordinary species and breeds of almost completely bare skin, in which residual hair on the head and legs is clearly visible.

It is interesting! The length of the naked guinea pig is about 30-33 cm, and body weight directly depends on the balance of the diet, but most often such a domesticated animal is well-fed and muscular.

Bald Guinea Pig

Small islands are often so unusual in a pet. Absolutely bald baldwin are characterized by smaller sizes and increased appetite. In the frontal zone of Baldwin there are very characteristic for the species, shallow wrinkles.

Origin history

Starting mutations were recorded almost forty years ago, experts of one of the scientific institutions in Montreal. In the process of observing animals, it was found that they were caused by gene mutations.. A repetition of such changes was made ten years ago.

Types of Hairless Guinea Pigs

And in connection with this, natural gene changes or the so-called mutations occur. If the mutation “skinny” became known in 1976, then the Baldwin appeared much later – a little over ten years.

It is interesting! Unusual mutations belong to the categories of recessive or very weak, so they are carriers of an unusual gene, but they will necessarily have a coat.

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The first animals were albinos, so further breeding work was carried out by specialists from the laboratories of Charles Rivers, where they managed to get special ones with pink, brown-chocolate and other colors. Breeders highly appreciate the initial appearance of Skinny and Baldwin, on the basis of which original breeds of domestic rodents were obtained, differing not only in different colors, but also possessing fairly good health and powerful immunity.

Life span

The life expectancy of all domestic rodents can vary between 3–9 years.

Bald Guinea Pig

For example, in large numbers of children living at home a couple of years less, with proper care and proper feeding.

The nature of the breed and lifestyle

Guinea pigs have a high emotional sensitivity, cruel or rough treatment often becomes the main cause of the disease of a domestic rodent. Skinny and Baldwin are absolutely socialized animals that compare favorably with other rodents with good nature. They are very affectionate and sometimes overly curious.

Including non-aggressive cats and dogs. Guinea pig never harmed feathered, as well as aquarium inhabitants. An affectionate animal will become a true friend for children.

Keeping a bald guinea pig at home

Keeping bald guinea pigs is not at all difficult and very convenient. Such an original home sound quickly and easily adapts to the rhythm of life and the regime of its owner and all households. Among these rodents are the so-called "larks" and "owls."

Important! The temperature regime for the content must be higher than 18-20 ° C.

In order to make the stay in the family as comfortable as possible, it is necessary to choose the right cage or terrarium, as well as provide a full-fledged diet and competent hygienic procedures.

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Cell selection and filling

Specialists and experienced breeders do not recommend. The house can be a traditional, fairly spacious terrarium. The upper part of the terrarium must be closed with a metal grill.

Bald Guinea Pig

The terrarium tray must be filled with fresh wood chips, which are replaced with a new layer a couple of times a week. Three to four times a month, a complete disinfection of the terrarium, drinkers and feeders is performed. It is also important to remember that clean and fresh water should always be available.

Care and hygiene

All skinny body surfaces are covered with a barely noticeable, delicate and healthy appearance of the skin, and after bathing, you need to use olive or any other special oil for lubrication. Elastic skin requires us to use a special shampoo, the composition of which includes moisturizing and nourishing components.

Chatterbox does not require additional hydration, this is due to a sufficient amount of sebum. Periodically, check and, if necessary, clean the ears of the guinea pigs.

How to feed bald guinea pigs

Guinea pigs must include:

  • high-quality hay or granular flakes – 60%;
  • solid food – 20%;
  • juicy feed – 20%.

In order to provide homemade food with a sufficient amount of lipids, proteins and carbohydrates, it is necessary to feed him directly cereal mixtures, which are supplemented with cereals, oats, sunflower, and also legumes. As a treat, crispy cookies, crackers, rose hips, dried apples and nuts.

Diseases and birth defects

Medium in size, oval in shape, with front part. The muzzle of the male has rougher features. The nose is rounded and large. The eyes are round, protruding in color to the main color. We have such a pet, widely spaced and slightly inclined forward, with a small “wave” in the central part. These defects must be defective or vicious.

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Bald Guinea Pig

Important! This can provoke not only excessive fullness, but also become the main danger for home use of a severe burn.

Due to the presence of narrow shoulder blades or a poorly defined chest, this is a clear vicious flaw. In addition, the presence of mountain or deflections, the bendability and promiscuity of the legs.

Buy bald guinea pig, price

The cost depends on breed characteristics, rarity of color, age and qualitative characteristics of the rodent. All children should be near their mother.

Naked guinea pigs of a “show class” are rated very highly, and their cost in a nursery can start from 7-9 thousand rubles. Gold-cream, chocolate-cream, turtle, gold, agguti and black. Buy about two to three times cheaper.

Owner reviews

The features of hairless guinea pigs, in addition to their very exotic appearance, are incredible gluttony. Such domestic animals eat about five times. The high demand for high-calorie nutrition is due to the increased level of heat exchange and fast energy consumption to maintain its own stable body temperature.

Bald Guinea Pig

How often are people allergic to pet hair. Naked guinea pigs are completely hypoallergenic. The popularity of such pets is also due to their good nature, which does not allow conflicts with any other pets.