Bald Guinea Pigs

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The fashion for bald animals, of course, touched such popular animals as guinea pigs. Bald guinea pigs are very popular and popular. They require more care for their body than their "woolen" relatives.

You were first tested in a laboratory more than 30 years ago for dermatological experiments. These pigs interested breeders; breeding of naked guinea pigs for keeping as pets began. Guinea pigs immediately became popular because of their unusual and original appearance.

There are two varieties of hairless guinea pigs – these are skinny, This is a very short amount of wool. Baldwin – completely hairless bald guinea pig. As the breed of guinea pigs is bred artificially, such a mump will die in the wild. More care is required than their hair in sunscreen, in winter – in warm clothes. In addition, they need skin moisturizers.

Hairless guinea pigs look touching and somehow in a special way defenseless. Looking at them, there is concern about the state of their immunity and general stamina. While these guinea pigs are absolutely healthy and with proper care and nutrition, they often attach and endure hairy guinea pigs.

Baldwin mumps is a hairless guinea pig bred in San Diego, California (USA). Bald guinea pigs appeared about 12 years ago as a result of an accidental mutation. They begin to lose hair, starting with the head. After a month, the young pigs become completely bald. These are unique animals, perfect in their beauty and with a very bright personality. Thin, completely hairless, resembles rubber to the touch. Derived baldwin with different skin colors. Baldwin is completely bald, they have very sparse hair, as well as some hair on their legs, closer to the knees. But breeders seek to eliminate even these insignificant hairs by selection. The supply of guinea pigs is developing rapidly.

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Skinny. body length about 1 mm; curly longer coat on legs. The hair should grow in the form of a pompom, so pluck all excess hair before the show, give the pompom in the nose the right shape. Babies of this breed are born without hair, sometimes pigs with tough, sparse, curly hair all over their bodies are born on the marks, they are called brush. The skin is thick, thick, without folds, soft and velvety to the touch. Breeders are skin varieties. The pink body of a pig is, so to speak, “natural color”.

Caring for guinea pigs does not require much effort and is very similar to guinea pigs. Everything that, in general, applies to any breed of guinea pigs. In order to get the whole body and normal functioning of all organs, much more energy is required than their hairy relative, and they eat twice as much as themselves. This animal has a huge appetite, and it should feed it at a strictly defined time and not pay attention to the animal’s requests for a “bite”.

Bald guinea pigs – a unique breed. They are very curious, energetic. Such a guinea pig will be a great friend for both a child and an adult.