Guinea Pig Training

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After much torment, you finally got the happy owner of a guinea pig. Want to have fun or show off in front of your guests and family? Maybe you just want to "behave"? So you need to know how train a guinea pig. Training guinea pigs did not harm or threaten your tiny friend. If you perform all the exercises during a calm, calm stop, so that joint work will bring you pleasure both for you and your pet.

Guinea pig training principles

Training guinea pigs is like training any other pet. It requires patience, clear, perseverance and most importantly – delicious treats.

Observe the “natural” behavior of your guinea pigs for a while. Based on the natural behavior of pets, I gradually begin to apply incentives.

Training is best. If she is afraid of you, she will not be able to perceive the learning process normally. In the first few weeks after the appearance of guinea pigs, a trusting relationship will be established in your home.

Before you begin to train a guinea pig, be well prepared – prepare a whistle or clicker. You should be in a relaxed, relaxed state, so if you are in a tense state, postpone training until the best moment.

Guinea pigs do not like to be kept on weight. They prefer to feel firm ground under their paws. You have confidence.

Each time your guinea pig does what you get from it, click with a clicker or whistle, then reward it with a piece of goodies. Initially, the sound may scare your little pet, but it should still look like it.

Training a guinea pig is best hungry

Food is the best reward and incentive for your guinea pig. While guinea pigs are social animals, they want you to do what you want. Cooking delicious treats and your hungry guinea pig will do just about anything.

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This should be too harsh, as it is against the rules for keeping guinea pigs. However, if you have established a constant feeding schedule, you can include guinea pig training classes in this schedule, combined with daily meals.

What treats is better to give your guinea pig? Her favorite fresh foods are carrots, peppers, celery, tomatoes and other vegetables; when she smells the treats.

Learn guinea pig to respond to your name

Every time you approach the cage of your guinea pig. If you want you to be a treat by repeating her name. All you need is all you need and call you to victory in the hope of a taste of the treat.

Guinea pig tricks

The first trick – learn the guinea pig team "Round!"

Remember what your guinea pig does well from birth? Turn around all the time. They are mostly wary of predators who lurk them in the wild and carry them back to their burrow at the slightest sign of danger. Now we want our team to be deployed clockwise.

Position the guinea pig and command "Circle!". If by chance your guinea pig turns, then her head is a little to the right, then give her a treat. Let her go back to the starting position and give the command "Circle!". Again, if she turns her head to the right, click (whistle) and encourage. The team should receive promotion more difficult. When she will not turn her head 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, and so on, until she does everything 360 degrees to give your guinea pig a treat.

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Constant training and lack of games make the day boring and tiring. The shipping process should give you both pleasure.

The principles of training, adding new more complex options to your repertoire will become easier. Complex tricks, it is advisable to break into small parts, after they began to combine them into a single complex trick.

Learn Guinea Pig Jumping Through Hoops

Believe it or not, guinea pigs can climb and jump. In fact, these exercises are very important for their health and condition, so please do not contradict the innate abilities of your piglets. However, jumping to a height of no more than 2-3 cm from the ground.

You need a hoop or ring, your clicker and delicious treat.

Hold the hoop upright in front of the guinea pig. On the other hand, by the pig; say “through the hoop” or “jump”. Just one click of a click is made, and be sure to give her a well-deserved treat. Use this command.

Once you have a marine view, you will be given the task to complete these exercises. If she does not understand that she is doing everything possible, that is, the distance between the guinea pig and the treats in your hand. Once you have done everything possible, you will gain access to this topic.

All that is needed for this is that it should be in the highest degree as long as it is convenient for her to jump through a height of up to 3 cm from the floor.

Learn Guinea Pig Team "Serve!"

Training guinea pigs is best done on a flat, soft surface (sofa or couch with a bedspread). Put your pet on the bedspread. Take a bunch of grass (at a treat) and feed the guinea pig to let her know. I’m sure she noticed this. When she tries and can get a treat, say "serve." Slowly raise a bunch of herbs higher and higher until the guinea pig stands on its hind legs to reach the treat. Confirm that your pig is not on the edge of the sofa. Let the guinea pig rest. For 2-3 weeks of daily training, you can teach your little pet to fulfill the "Serve!" Command.

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We teach the guinea pig team "Come to me!"

In addition, it is better to carry out on a flat, soft surface, such as on a sofa or in a couch with a covered. End near the armrest. In a few centimeters you should show a bunch of grass or other treats and give the command "Come to me!", Give special importance to the appearance of goodies. When the guinea pig comes up, give her a well-deserved reward. Increase the distance gradually and repeat the exercise. For 2-3 weeks of daily training, you can teach your piglet this trick.

Learn the guinea pig of the “Give a paw!” Team

Command "Give a paw!". Put the guinea pig on the bedspread, and sit on the floor yourself. Put your left hand in front of your darling. Go to your left hand, block her path. An open palm also served as a support in order to get to the treats. If you want your foot to be in your palm, immediately ask for “Give the foot!”. For 2-4 weeks of daily training, you can teach your piglet to give a paw on command.

Guinea Pig Training

Now you know how to train a guinea pig. This should be an introduction for guests and families.

You can achieve the training of guinea pigs.