Homemade Guinea Pigs

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Nowadays, few people know. our favorite guinea pigs were seven millennia ago in the tribes of South America. I did this, of course, not with idle goals.

In those days, dishes from these animals were considered a delicacy. Guinea pigs were used for rituals. sacrifices. In South America, there was even a guinea pig deity.

They were not enthusiastic about the past millennia. These cute animals are kept in our time, like a laboratory. animal for aesthetic pleasure.

Where and how many guinea pigs live

In their homeland in South America, guinea pigs live in colonies on the plains where they live in entire underground cities. Animals live in members of 5 to 20 individuals. However, there are practically no inhabitants who do not have pigs. They resemble our gophers. animals almost instantly find themselves in their minks. Animals breed in nature all year round. Usually she is born during the first three weeks. Children have already begun to live an independent life.

Guinea pig breeds

In terms of its pedigree, the guinea pig belongs to the mammal, from the upcoming rodents, from the future porcupines, to the family of mumps. Oddly enough, but this child can live on land. The closest known to all relatives of pigs: squirrel, beaver, rabbit, porcupine, capybara. The height and weight of an adult usually reach 25 centimeters and 1.5 kilograms, respectively. In nature, the weight of rodents can reach 2 kilograms. The pig has large incisors growing all his life. At home, the guinea pig lives 5-6, in nature up to 8 years.

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They were divided into groups: short-haired. selfies, crosses, smooth-haired, long-haired. sheltie, texel, peruvian, merino, rosette, wire-haired. Abyssinians, American teddy, Rex, hairless. baldwin, skinny. As a species, guinea pig breeds are very diverse. In each of them white, black, brown and even bright yellow colors are presented.

It remains a mystery why these cute animals are called guinea pigs, because they have no relationship with them, even in a very distant relationship. Because of the sound that animals sometimes make. sounds are somewhat reminiscent of grunts. Maybe that’s why they called them pigs. Well, the prefix is ​​marine. animals were delivered to South America. they began to be called overseas pigs, and only then they began to be called marine. Reliable information on this subject is simply not available.

Care and maintenance

Keeping pets in special conditions is very unpretentious, they do not need special houses. So three. four trunks of the house can be kept in a cage about 1 meter by 70 centimeters in size and about 40 centimeters high. A cage can be purchased at a pet store or made independently from wood or plywood, from which steel mesh is usually made on a frame. In the cage, it is imperative to provide a retractable pallet, which is best suited 4. 5 centimeters, to facilitate cleaning. Litter. In fully mesh cages, animals are not required to be kept. animals must be in a cage around them, including water. Destroy the feeder, you need twice a week. In addition, the long-haired breeds are three days old and occasionally, about a couple of times a year, claws are cut.

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What do guinea pigs eat?

Feeding guinea pigs at home is not particularly difficult. It’s enough just to figure out that these guinea pigs in nature and everyone will immediately become as clear: these animals are not at all in vain related to herbivores. since the grass. Precise hay and shrub branches are truly their favorite food. They are also very eager to eat: carrots, beets, cabbage, turnips, pumpkins, cucumbers, apples, bananas, oranges, various berries, watermelon peels, all varieties of salads, broccoli, parsley, Jerusalem artichoke and even ordinary food. potato. Hunters seize cereals, which are guaranteed to be valuable vitamins and minerals. First of all, it is oats, corn, peanuts. All that is needed for this is the natural conditions of living and nutrition in nature. , is always.

Breeding Guinea Pigs

In terms of breeding, pigs are also not problematic. An example of six years of age. seven months. If you need to plant a female to the male, and not vice versa. Mortality in guinea pigs does not differ from usual. not pregnant. It is necessary to delay the cells yourself. Cubs are born sighted, so their maintenance is also not problematic, as a rule, up to a month. After a month, young people are being jailed.

Guinea pigs. these are really very interesting pets living with a person who has been nearly seven thousand years old and who brought him not only great benefits, but also actively helps as a laboratory animal. Thanks to guinea pigs, a huge number of diseases have been studied, because the immune system is very close to the human ones, and that is why they do not transmit any diseases to humans. They are very easily tamed. We hope that we will help you fill out these lovely homework for years.

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Homemade Guinea Pigs
Homemade Guinea Pigs
Homemade Guinea Pigs
Homemade Guinea Pigs
Homemade Guinea Pigs
Homemade Guinea Pigs
Homemade Guinea Pigs
Homemade Guinea Pigs