How To Feed A Guinea Pig

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How To Feed A Guinea Pig

Today, the guinea pig is the most popular pet, which very quickly becomes a full member of the family. It entertains, brings joy to its owners, who receive unspeakable pleasure. They should know that they have a guinea pig, as well as the possibilities of a daily diet and diet. What can you give her and what not, how many times a day you need to feed her? These issues should be detailed as problems, and they want to feel good and live an active lifestyle.

Normal Guinea Pig Diet

The nutritional characteristics of guinea pigs are well understood. You need to feed three times a day, it is better to immediately accustom the animal to dry food. If you do not have the opportunity to feed three times, that is, you can feed breastfeeding in the morning and evening. Remember that food should always be in the feeder, even if it does not want to eat, it will certainly empty the feeder a bit later. It should be clear water. In addition, dry hay must be planted in the cage. Guinea pigs need to be front teeth. If you do not do this, then you live a normal life. Just starve to death. In addition, milk powder helps to digest food well, it contains a lot of minerals that also improve digestion.

Experts warn that you cannot feed a guinea pig only with dry cereal feed. Causes a number of serious diseases. It lacks important proteins marked by a deficiency of certain vitamins, so it is necessary to include various vegetables, fruits or fruits in the diet. Vegetables are not good for mumps. For a complete feeding, experts recommend choosing carrots, cabbage or lettuce, a few cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkin. You can pamper your pet a little with sweet corn and sweet peppers, always fresh, not canned. Of fruits, only apples and pears, sometimes you can add rose hips to the food.

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Be careful, choose green plants for guinea pigs. Many of them are poisonous and dangerous, so take into account the list of permitted plants. It can be clover, dandelions, plantain, celery and dill. Non-pregnant pigs can be given parsley, spinach, chamomile and yarrow. Choose for feeding, only fresh herbs, dry mixes have a strong smell.

How To Feed A Guinea Pig

It is imperative to give the pigs salt. For young guinea pigs – about 5 grams.

What can not feed a guinea pig

Do not feed your pig food, starch, beet pulp, chemical additives and preservatives.

All of the above recommendations were provided to his pet with proper care.