How To Find Out The Sex Of A Guinea Pig

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First way

One of the simplest, not requiring acrobatic manipulations with pets. determination of the shape of the genital fissure. It should be noted that the method of hitting the target is 50 to 50.

To find out what these living beings are, they must be in sight. Field of view for review.

  • For a capital letter of the Latin letter "Y". This problem is quite problematic.
  • This same site has a straight line, and many compare it with the letter "I" when a small tubercle (an inverted penis) rises at the top of a straight line.

How To Find Out The Sex Of A Guinea Pig

In addition, if you palpate the area above the column, then with sufficient experience and dexterity, you can feel the penis.

Palpation is carried out as follows:

  • the animal is turned upside down and securely held in this position
  • pulling slightly in the abdomen (just above the tubercle), then pushing a little harder and pulling your fingers slightly up;
  • at first you can feel that in a few seconds you will be out.

Second way

Conclusion of free access to the calendar pocket. Suitable for adult pets only.

Only the males have an anal sac (only the correct and scientific name), it does not have an anal or marker gland. In females, this organ is rudimented.

99% can be assumed to be special males.

Third way

The parameter is based on the easy determination of the shape of feces. The option is rather dubious, requiring one hundred percent result.

But, if a "belief" exists, it must be a scientific justification for itself.

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The fact is that the different structure of the anal pocket affects the shape of the bowel movements:

  • In females, feces are oval, regular, oblong in shape without a groove.
  • Granules with a groove in the middle.

By this sign, sex can be determined in pigs of different ages. But you should make sure that he is absolutely healthy and has no problems on the part of the digestive tract.

Gender of newborn pigs

You can find out who the boy or girl was born from toddlers. In this case, pay attention to the distance between the anus (anus) and sexual access. in "men" it is much more. The external genitalia have a greater number of folds than on the female.

Secondary sexual characteristics

Naturally, looking at the genitals, it is much easier to guess the male or female. True, this option is suitable already for sexually mature individuals.

  1. Firstly, they have a more powerful skeleton and a high head. The weight of some males reaches one and a half kilograms, while females rarely exceed 1.2 kg.
  2. Secondly, someone has the same features as adults.

Do not forget to pay attention to the nature of the animals:

  • As a rule, they themselves behave much calmer, more peaceful.
  • Males prefer to dominate, often emit a specific rumbling, jump on relatives, imitate a cage.

It is scientific to determine whether it is real enough that there is no time for testing. By the way, if the plans do not have offspring, it is better to acquire same-sex "pigs".